Call Of The Wild Majestic Scotland Readies For The Rutting Of The Deer

Wild Majestic

Love is in the Air!!!

From mid-September to early November heralds the start of the rutting season. Red deer battle for the right to mate with as many hinds as possible, sometimes impregnating 30 to 40 hinds during the rut! They are known as his ‘harem’.

Experiencing the rut in the wild like this is truly magnificent! The Atmosphere is filled with energy and testosterone! The biggest stags, roar, tilt their heads back and stare wildly, showing their powerful neck muscles and shaggy manes. This is usually enough to make any challengers to walk away, but sometimes it does come to a fight where they butt and clash antlers.

The red deer is Britain’s largest land mammal and it is estimated there are 400,000 in Scotland alone. Sixty or more can be gathered on a hillside where you will see the largest stag charging around keeping all his hinds together. The idea is to warn off his rivals, maybe smaller, younger ‘Lotharios’ who will stroll on the edges of the herd, waiting for their chance!

From the hilltops you can hear their mighty roar and what a magnificent sound it is, one not to miss.

Red Deer

For those of you who would like to get up close and personal with red deer Highland Safaris is a must! Here you can learn more about the habitat of the red deer and get to hand feed them.

Mains of Taymouth

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Mains of Taymouth

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Mains of Taymouth

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